Terms and conditions


  • Our trips are recreational events, NOT competitive events.
  • Only individuals aged 18 and older may participate, or minors with authorization and accompanied by their parents.
  • The routes are designed to experience contrasting weather conditions (Cold-Warm). Therefore, we invite you to take the necessary measures if temperature changes affect you. Also, please be aware that we will be passing through areas with abundant vegetation where all kinds of insects are present. If you are prone to insect bites, please wear clothing that covers your skin and/or use insect repellent, creams, etc.
  • Mechanical assistance will be provided in cases of regular breakdowns. In the event that you require a replacement such as tires, brake pads, cables, or any other part provided by the organization, it must be paid for at the time of the repair.
  • The organization will have first aid assistance available. We kindly ask for utmost caution during the journey.
  • The organization is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings.
  • It is not allowed to promote or sponsor the participation of individuals who have not registered.
  • The tour organization is committed to conducting all activities as a group. Therefore, if you wish to leave or decline any activity individually, it will be at your own responsibility, as we will not consider the tour or any scheduled activity concluded due to individual decisions. Only if there is a unanimous decision from the group.
  • The transportation service will be provided by vans equipped with bicycle transport systems. We will confirm the time, vehicle details, and the driver who will be transporting you via email or WhatsApp.

Participant's responsibility

  • Bring your own hydration system (water bottle or Camelbak) as the climate is humid and warm, and the chances of dehydration are high. The organization will provide hydration.
  • Perform prior maintenance on bicycles, especially the brake and transmission systems; as we will be riding on roads with a lot of mud and steep descents.
  • The participant declares themselves physically fit to undertake the itinerary determined by the organization, participating voluntarily and at their own responsibility. They acknowledge and understand the magnitude, nature, and scope of the activities, as well as the risks and dangers involved. The participant understands and accepts that mountain biking is an inherently risky activity, and therefore, the organizers, directors, collaborators, sponsors, and owners of fields and facilities where the activities take place are not liable for any resulting injuries.
  • Each participant stated on the registration form that they are currently covered by an health insurance provider. The organization has an accident insurance policy for each participant. This policy reimburses expenses incurred due to an accident during the event, provided that the person has the necessary payment receipts and medical records, which must be submitted to the offices of Colasistencia insurance.
  • Participants must comply with traffic rules and follow the instructions of the guide or group leader at all times.


  • The use of personal protective equipment is mandatory, at a minimum, helmet and gloves. We also recommend the use of cycling glasses, knee pads, elbow pads, and a windbreaker jacket
  • It is essential to carry a puncture repair kit, spare tire, and basic tools.
  • It is important to carry lights or illuminators for visibility, as there is a possibility that we will be riding in cloudy areas.
  • During descents, you will encounter several tight curves. Do not underestimate them. ALWAYS signal whether you are passing on the right or left. There are long descents, if your hands get tired or you need to stop for any reason, REMEMBER NOT TO BRAKE SUDDENLY, BUT GRADUALLY AND MOVE TO THE SIDE. Never stay in the middle of the road, as it can cause an accident. Remember that we will be traveling on some rural roads where vehicles and motorcycles are present. Always exercise caution and, if possible, inform the person behind you that a vehicle is approaching.
  • Overtaking the front leaders is not allowed.
  • If an accident occurs, do not move the person and notify the organization.
  • We strongly recommend not disclosing the starting and ending points of the route to third parties unrelated to the event, in order to ensure the safety of oneself, other participants, and the organizers.

Disclaimer of liability

  • The waiver of liability form, which will be sent by the agency to confirmed participants, must be filled out.
  • The agency is not responsible for any injury, damage, loss, or expense incurred during the trip, including injuries or damages related to the use of bicycles or outdoor activities.
  • Participants are responsible for having their own medical insurance that covers any eventuality during the trip.

Changes to the itinerary

  • In case of weather conditions or force majeure, the tour will be terminated or, if necessary, the itinerary will be modified, with the safety of the participant group and the organization as the top priority. In such a case, there will be no refund of the money.

Data processing

  • The participant authorizes the organizers to use any film or photographic recordings of the activity for personal, advertising, or other purposes, without having to provide any compensation to the participant and/or their successors.
  • In accordance with Law 1581 of 2012, which establishes general provisions for the protection of personal data, the participant gives their consent for the processing of personal data provided through their registration, as well as their image for the purposes of organization, development, and promotion for sports or commercial purposes. This data will be incorporated into a database owned by the organization. The participant also authorizes the organizers and the companies involved to manage and disclose the personal data communicated.


  • For us, the commitment to the environment is VERY IMPORTANT, so we kindly request that you DO NOT LITTER at any point during the route. At the starting points, hydration stations, snack areas, and lunch stops, you will find designated trash bins. Please remember that the trash is yours, and we will be passing through beautiful places that we must take care of. But you can go even further. If you come across a piece of litter on the trail, regardless of who threw it, please pick it up and carry it with you until you can properly dispose of it. The environment and we will greatly appreciate it. ¡Let's make it a commitment of MTB!
  • In accordance with our commitment, all individuals involved with Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures must prevent, block, combat, and report exploitation against minors.
  • We invite all cyclists to be responsible travelers within our routes. Please remember to respect nature, culture, and local communities.

By completing the registration form or making the payment, these terms and conditions are understood to be accepted.

We hope that your trips with Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures are unique and filled with adrenaline. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through our social media channels or via phone or WhatsApp at +57 311 2273198, or email us at info@monteadentromtb.com.