Our Sustainability Policy

Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures organization is committed to the development of sustainable tourism, aiming to eliminate the impacts of our activities. We firmly believe that our agency's operation is beneficial from an economic, social, and environmental conservation standpoint. However, we are aware of the adverse effects if not managed properly. To address this, Monte Adentro is committed to the World Tourism Organization's Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and the implementation of Technical Sector Standard NTS-TS 003. Additionally, we adhere to the following legislation: Law 63 of 1986 (Protection of Cultural Assets), Law 1185 of 2008 (Protection of Cultural Heritage), Law 679 of 2001 (Prevention of Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents), Law 376 of 2009 (Prevention of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Psychoactive Substance Consumption in Minors), Law 1333 of 2009 (Environmental Sanctions), and Law 17 of 1981 (Protection of Wildlife and Wild Flora). Through this policy, we aim to uphold our responsibilities towards providing high-quality tourism services and products.

Commitments of Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures to Sustainable Tourism


  • We raise awareness about conservation and care for the environment among our clients, collaborators, and suppliers, emphasizing the country's great biodiversity.
  • We act responsibly in the use of natural resources.
  • We offer the national Natural Heritage in a responsible manner.
  • We strive to reduce the environmental impacts of our trips.
  • We promote awareness among our travelers about good environmental practices during our routes and visits to natural attractions.


  • We inform our clients about the richness and cultural heritage of the visited regions.
  • We foster awareness and respect towards the local communities we visit, both among the users of our routes and within our organization's staff.
  • We offer the cultural heritage in a responsible manner.
  • We enjoy the cultural heritage responsibly, without destroying or discriminating against the customs or traditions of the visited places.
  • We oppose any abuse towards the visited communities, children, and adolescents, as well as any form of violence or discrimination.


  • We hire our employees and suppliers in a legal and responsible manner.
  • We employ the local community for our activities.
  • We establish commercial relationships with local businesses within our routes.
  • We encourage the purchase of crafts, services, and gastronomy from the regions present in our routes.
  • We promote among our clients the practice of domestic tourism.

Our 3 Contributions

1. Anti-Litter Alliance

Pick up a piece of trash every time you're on a trail

We all enjoy the mountains, and we all wish to discover new and wonderful places on every ride, free from the footprint of mankind.
The Anti-Litter Alliance is an effort to raise awareness among MTB enthusiasts about the opportunity we have to redeem ourselves with nature.

The idea goes beyond not littering the trails we ride on. The request from the Anti-Litter Alliance is for each individual to pick up a piece of trash every time they hit the trail. Consider it an excuse to take a break and appreciate the scenery.


Because when we spend time outdoors, we can accidentally leave a trace of our presence. Let's not leave future generations with a bigger mess to clean up than they already have.

It's not a non-profit organization, it's not an advertising campaign, it's not a club, it's not a trend. We want it to be a rallying cry for all lovers of this sport, a way of life and a love for our land.

Just one piece... we're not asking you to fill a bag of trash on the trail (although it wouldn't be bad if you did).

So... take a moment off your bike, pick up a piece of trash, and join the #AntiLitterAlliance

Thank you for taking the time.

2. Responsible Traveler

We want to invite travelers to become Ambassadors of Sustainable Tourism.

To achieve responsible travelers within our tours, we align our sustainability policy with the guidelines of the World Tourism Organization's Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. We encourage tourists to travel within the following parameters:

1. Contribution of tourism to mutual understanding and respect among individuals and societies.

2. Tourism as a tool for personal and collective development.

3. Tourism as a factor for sustainable development.

4. Tourism as a means to enhance and enrich the cultural heritage of humanity.

5. Tourism as a beneficial activity for countries and destination communities.

6. Agents of tourism development.

7. Right to tourism.

8. Freedom of tourist movement.

9. Support for workers and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

10. Application of the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Let's help contribute to making our trips as sustainable as possible. Don't forget to respect nature, culture, and the people involved in tourism.

3. CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents)

Committed to the fight against any form of abuse of children and adolescents.

In accordance with our commitment, all individuals involved with Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures are required to prevent, block, combat, and report the exploitation of minors. We establish four major obligations within our organization:

  • At Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures, we do not share information or provide guidance that in any way promotes activities related to prostitution or that violate the rights of children and adolescents. We reject all forms of exploitation and abuse against minors.
  • We are committed to protecting the rights of minors and ensuring they are not subjected to forced child labor practices.
  • All employees of Monte Adentro Cycling Adventures are obligated to report and denounce to the appropriate authorities any activities that compromise the company or any of its employees in situations that violate the rights of minors.
  • The agency establishes 18 years as the minimum age for employment with us.

Reporting Lines:

Child and Adolescent Police: Phone: 018000 910 6000 Emergency Line: 112

Office of the Attorney General: Phone: 01800091611 DIJIN: 157

Justice Houses: Phone: 018000916999

Colombian Institute of Family Welfare: Phone: 018000918080 Helpline: 106 Emergency Line: 123

Report through the website:

As part of our commitment, we provide the following communication channels for our customers and suppliers to report any actions that violate our sustainability policy:
Phone: +57 311 2273198